Rescue Road Trips

Custom pet portrait for Sally Farrell by artist Nancy Hollenbeck-Dyson.

Odi and Margie. Odi arrived in Connecticut via Rescue Road Trips – delivered into the arms (and heart) of Sally Farrell. Portrait by artist Nancy Hollenbeck-Dyson.

Our thanks to Sally Farrell who told us about this dedicated group of folks working to save lives (dogs and the humans whose lives they make whole). Sal welcomed two small bundles of fur with big hearts into her life – Margie first, then Odi. Here they are (above) as captured by the work of artist Nancy Hollenbeck-Dyson of Waterford, Conn.

“The dedicated life is the life worth living. You must give with your whole heart.”
― Annie Dillard

One man can make a difference.

One man can make a difference.

Greg Mahle of Ohio believes in “improving the lives of northern families while saving the lives of southern dogs.” He is a licensed USDA Class T carrier, providing “loving, humane road trips to displaced, homeless, unwanted, and unloved dogs, facing assured-immediate death from high-kill shelters in the deep South. I deliver to loving “forever homes” in New England and surrounding areas.”

A heartfelt essay on his web site gives his mother credit for his life work:

“Mom always let me take in strays, even as a little boy. . . . Because of my mother, I learned at a very early age what it is to love a dog and to be loved by a dog. I also learned pedigrees were unimportant. These are things that my mother thought were important for me to know, because as the two photos show, my mother has always loved dogs too.”

You’ll have to visit the site to view the two images of his mom with her dogs – one depicts her as a young girl, another is of her and “Pork Chop” in 2009.

“These two photos are precious to me and I am proud to share them with the you. I am equally proud to say: ‘Yes, that’s MY mom!'”

(Exceptional. She raised a great son.)

We believe in the power of animals connecting with humans who need them. They enrich our lives, teach us so much – and ask for so little in return. Heaven on earth can be yours if open your heart and provide stability, patience, care. Build trust and the ensuing rewards are great – what life is all about.

Visit to follow the ongoing efforts to “save the lives of the unloved and unwanted.”

On Facebook

On Facebook

The official Rescue Road Trip Facebook page is linked here to see the happy results. For anyone who would like to support the rescue groups and costs for vetting, boarding, and operating expenses – here is the page link.

Map of the stops of a dog rescue network.

Road Rescue Trips gets around. Image is linked for more information at the official site.

“Every child should have two things in life: A dog . . . and a mother that lets him have one.”

Sled dog hug.

Animals teach humans much about patience and kindness. AGH/MDP

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”

– George EliotThee and me © Moo Dog Press Magazine