Learn something new every day.

“The most important discoveries will provide answers to questions that we do not yet know how to ask and will concern objects we have not yet
imagined.” – John N. Bahcall (1934-2005)

Goal: Don’t die wondering. Try. Go. Ask. Find out.

Imagination and curiosity – we believe – can power and develop solutions for energy, medicine, waste, food production, and other complex issues of humanity.

Almost gone. Old farmhouse stands for a day more as the trees are harvested, then the rich topsoil.

Our staff has a combined 30-plus years of experience telling stories in words and images. From corporate news, business magazines, newspapers owned by independent publishers to book publishers noted for their pioneering work in audio and travel arenas. For information call (860) 324-8447; corporate (860) 257-0500. Available for collaborations; experienced with working remote and with design team. Can refer superb design and artistic talent along with tried-and-true digital photographers.

Technology advances and the use of holograms and mixed realities are of great interest to deliver stories in new ways. As history is human experiences, developing methods to bring details to life can interpret what is now gone. As in one room of a mansion preserved in the Met; VR could re-create the structure and allow “tours” -> http://tiny.cc/Wilcox-CCMb.

All life is interconnected; spend time outdoors and observe; much is hidden. Tides of life, so to speak. Water is endlessly recycled, so is the air we all breathe. How does that happen? Examine the ocean and see how vital the health of all depends on the sea. Wrote this in previous career chapter. And did the photography too. http://tiny.cc/Horseshoe-crabgold)

Go somewhere rural and it is like stepping back decades to see the diversity of life from insects to birds and tracks of larger animals – now missing from suburbia and urban settings.

Spring-loaded pollen delivery. Mountain laurel flowers are a biological marvel – engineered to snap and dust pollen on an insect that lands in a bloom.

While everything made by humans deteriorates sooner or later, in nature the common denominator is change. Birth, growth, maturity, reproduction, decline, death – and recycling of various parts for re-use. No human can create a tree – which stands and grows as an efficient life form capturing light, water, air and transforming those into itself, a self-replicating and efficient biofactory.

As for horses and dogs – so much can be learned from working with and around them. Companions for life, they teach about patience and kindness and have a rich non-verbal language. Showcasing behavior and how intelligence each species is with videos is education by osmosis.

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