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What did you find? Can you tell us more about this object – where it came from, details about how it was made and used, who came up with the idea or about the business associated with the artifact. Because without the story and/or location it was found, so much detail is lost.

Cobalt blue, old bottles, Coca Cola miniature.

Cobalt blue, old bottles, Coca Cola miniature.

Awaiting a plumber, the area above the sink was cleaned and this gathering resulted. The cobalt blue bottle was washed ashore in Tidewater Virginia, found on a daily walk with dogs. The muck of the backwater area was delightful for dogs, and contained lumpy iron accretions that were also collected. The taller bottle in the back, another blue-hued variation, was a gift from my mother. The clear glass bottle with a glass stopper was collected somewhere in years of travel, but the story attached to its origin is lost. The small glass Coca-Cola bottle was purchased on a trip to New Market, Virginia, at a shop which featured pottery in the back yard. It was then Bedrooms of America Museum & Pottery (never did see the exhibit, but thought the idea interesting, to say the least. The nearby battlefield and the town itself – living history that is incredible). Today the same building has been lovingly brought back to tell its own story – and the real history it witnessed.

The building in 2015 via Wikipedia. Stonewall jackson and his troops marched down this street and turned right to head east to battle.

The building is at left in this 2015 image via Wikipedia. Stonewall Jackson and his troops marched down this street, past the building which is on the corner and troops headed east to battle.