Eastern States Exposition Agricultural Adventurers Award

The Eastern States Exposition Agricultural Adventurers Award is given annually to outstanding leaders in New England agriculture.

The list reads like a Who’s Who of achievement, adaptation to change, and can-do work ethic for the region. At the end of the list is a link to follow to visit the ESE page and stories of each individual, farm, business, endeavor, accomplishment.

2016 Steve & Joan Verrill, Verrill Farm, Concord, Massachusetts
2015 Al & Barbara Bishop, Bishop’s Orchards, Guilford CT
2014 The Audet Family, Blue Spruce Farm, Bridport, VT
2013 Marcus Thompson, Jr
2013 Szawlowski Potato Farms
2012 Donald Wilson, Lexington, Massachusetts
2011 Lance and Greg Smith, Presque Isle, Maine
2010 John “Jack” Lyman, Jr., Middlefield, Connecticut
2009 Maurice Mix, Brattleboro, Vermont
2008 Frank & Eleanor Whittemore, Hollis, New Hampshire
2007 Dr. William A. Cowan, Storrs, Connecticut
2006 Robert G. Coombs, Jr., Jacksonville, Vermont
2005 Paul P. Johnston, West Newbury, Massachusetts
2004 Bernard W. Shaw, Augusta, Maine
2003 Richard M. Cromack, Colrain, Massachusetts
2002 August “Gus” Schumacher, Jr., Washington, D.C.
2001 Robert Jacquier, East Canaan, Connecticut
2000 Robert Foster, Middlebury, Vermont
1999 Stephen H. Taylor, Meriden, New Hampshire
1998 Timothy & Mary Nourse, Whately, Massachusetts
1996 Henry Saglio, Glastonbury, Connecticut
1995 Kenneth & Earle Parsons, Hadley, Massachusetts
1994 Stacy W. Cole, West Swanzey, New Hampshire
1993 Willis H. Hayes, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
1992 Amr Ismail, Machias, Maine
1991 Dean K. Webster, Lawrence, Massachusetts
1990 Ryle K. Dow, St. Albans, Vermont
1989 Frederic Winthrop, Jr., Ipswich, Massachusetts
1988 Louis P. Longo, Glastonbury, Connecticut
1987 Dr. Chester Cross, East Sandwich, Massachusetts
1986 Dr. Wilson R. Haubrich, Claremont, New Hampshire
1985 Emanuel Hirth, Manchester, Connecticut
1984 Dr. C. Hilton Boynton, Richmond, Massachusetts
1983 Robert Josephy, Bethel, Connecticut
1982 John C. Macfarlane, Pembroke, Massachusetts
1981 Dr. Stanley Gaunt, Hadley, Massachusetts
1980 George & Marjorie Wilde, Lenox, Massachusetts
1979 Robert H. Rumler, Brattleboro, Vermont
1978 Dr. James Horsfall, Hampden, Connecticut
1977 G. W. Wynne, West Springfield, Massachusetts
1976 Gordon Cameron, Springfield, Massachusetts
1975 Wilfred B. Young, Storrs, Connecticut
1975 Fred Beane, Manchester, New Hampshire
1974 Senator George David Aiken, Putney, Vermont
1973 Frank Atwood, Hartford, Connecticut
1972 Jonathan Davis, Sterling, Massachusetts
1971 Richard D. Aplin, Boston, Massachusetts
1970 Julian B. Thayer, Middlefield, Connecticut
1969 Eldon J. Corbett, Colebrook, New Hampshire
1968 Louis A. Zehner, Lexington, Massachusetts
1965 J. Loring Brooks, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
1965 R. DeWitt Mallary, Bradford, Vermont
1964 Elmer E. Towne, Montpelier, Vermont
1963 Harry E. Umphrey, Presque Isle, Maine
1962 Ken E. Geyer, Wethersfield, Connecticut
1962 Kenneth S. Morrow, Durham, New Hampshire
1962 Kenneth R. Fowler, Durham, New Hampshire
1961 Fred J. Nutter, Corinna, Maine
1961 Oliver J. Hubbard, Walpole, New Hampshire
1960 Myron C. Peabody, Springfield, Massachusetts
1959 Quentin Reynolds, West Springfield, Massachusetts
1958 John Donald Black, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1958 George L. Moore, Wellesley, Massachusetts
1958 Harold J. Shaw, Sanford, Maine
1957 Arthur L. Deering, Orono, Maine
1957 Joseph E. Carrigan, Burlington, Vermont
1957 J. Ralph Graham, Boscawen, New Hampshire
1956 Mrs. Abbie C. Sargent, Bedford, New Hampshire
1956 Edward H. Thomson, Springfield, Massachusetts
1955 S. McLean Buckingham, Watertown, Connecticut
1955 John Chandler, Sterling, Massachusetts
1955 James Gray Watson, Springfield, Massachusetts
1954 Hubert Dana Goodale, Williamstown, Massachusetts
1953 Elbert Sidney Brigham, St. Albans, Vermont
1953 Donald Forsha Jones, Mt. Carmel, Connecticut

(No awards in 1966, 1967 and 1997.)

ESE list with links to each farm or mention (when available).