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Roping, riding, common sense - Will Rogers.

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” – Will Rogers

Will Rogers’s roping skills developed so special that he was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for throwing three lassos at once: One rope caught the running horse’s neck, the other would hoop around the rider and the third swooped up under the horse to loop all four legs.

Point.The exceptional story of Hobie, a horse you should know about – and the people who love him. A business, a passion for education, and an equine-human community that weave into and around all they do.

Clematis flower.A list of the notables in agriculture by the Eastern States Exposition Agricultural Adventurers Award, given annually to outstanding leaders in New England agriculture.

Two young humans who have chosen a different route in life.

When young entrepreneurs turn to agricultural pursuits it’s good business for all who cultivate the earth or want a choice of products with integrity. A study by UConn’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics in cooperation with Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis sheds light on why.

Why it’s good to dream and work hard – and where it may lead. Guilford’s own Nick Fradiani’s story – just before his big win.

Dr. Magnarelli. Moo Dog Press photography

Dr. Magnarelli at Ag Day.

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Research Foundation, Inc. and the Board of Control of The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) have established the Louis A. Magnarelli Memorial Fund to commemorates the life and work of this dedicated man. Throughout his career at CAES, Dr. Magnarelli maintained an unwavering commitment to “Putting science to work for society.” More about the fund and how to make a contribution at Or earmark the date to celebrate science and growing things by taking a young person to the annual Plant Science Day each August at Lockwood Farm, Hamden.

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Rooster eyes the lens.

Look at life.

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Black Walnuts: Wild Lore and More

Old Sturbridge in Winter, A Visual Treat

Tracks And Visit To Green Mountain Spinnery

Walk, Read: The Story of The Old Leatherman

• The scoop on the oldest farm in Connecticut.

A Visit With Greenbacker’s Brookfield Farm Dairy

The brickwork in this structure on a former farm is incredible.
This old silo still stands, the brickwork is incredible. You can’t read the story about the farm where the structure is located – at least not yet – because we’re searching for people who know the farm’s story and who may have images to share about a place and time that should not be forgotten.

Also on our network, mills, yarn, fiber processing, knitting, entrepreneurs and places to explore (or retreat to) at Moo Dog Knits Magazine. “Flax Into Linen” or “Poems (A Knitted Boston Terrier Sweater) To Emily Dickinson”

At the sheep dog trials, Moo Dog Press Magazine.

A portrait of working draft horses at an agricultural fair by Moo Dog Press Magazine.As someone who’s always yearned for a mule (wouldn’t a Morgan or an Arab cross be the ultimate endurance ride?), I’ll have to wait to add a long-eared friend to my life. Meantime, checking in on the New England Donkey and Mule Group on Facebook, linked here, is entertaining and informative. Barns, sheds and outbuildings to shelter equines and other livestock dot the landscape – some have been re-purposed as homes, others serve to shelter farmers markets or community happenings. Form and function combine in these beautiful (sometimes homely) structures. To review a book about barns led to a story and a walk in a state park that was once a dairy farm – the image of the book below is linked to that exploration.

Barns of Connecticut book

Sometimes while hunting up one story, another shows up instead. That is serendipity, how something marvelous and memorable can arise from what usually is a dreaded and somber event. The tale of a family and how they honored his life and work in a very special way.Walk and remember at a very special tribute at Powder Ridge in Middlefield.

The story.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

― William Wilberforce

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Tree gone in Wethersfield after a tornado.

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