Local Specialities

Some of the best specialties can only be found in certain locales.

Steve Chehotsky, owner, The Little Rendezvous,

Steve Chehotsky, owner, The Little Rendezvous, Pratt Street, Meriden, Connecticut. The coal-fired oven is 120 years old and the pizza… mmm… real. CB/MDP

A slice of pizza well made is joy.

Having lived in various parts of the U.S., there was no pizza like Connecticut’s legendary apizza. Chicago can have their deep-dish pie; and in Florida someone could make a fortune by importing the authentic brick-oven variety there. I craved a slice and when visiting home (Connecticut), would consume a whole small plain pizza – the question after ordering is most often ‘just parm?’ and the answer -‘yes’. Eyes closed, the crunch of the crust melding with tomato-y sauce, savoring each bite. The best way to find the best local fare with its own devoted following is to ask around. Then go see (and taste) for yourself.

Pizza in a box to go.

A medium plain – to go. Story – the part about this famous pizza is at the very end – is linked to this image. CB/MDP


Top Dog hot dog stand.

Can’t miss this; good eats found at the Top Dog roadside diner. Story linked to image. AGH/MDP